On February 23-25, 2018, the largest worldwide legal hackathon in history, engaging software developers, legal industry professionals, entrepreneurs and students, in a collaborative way, to create solutions that would drive the future of law through innovative legal technology, will take place in countries and cities all over the world including Romania, Bucharest.


The event has notable partners and supporters all over the world: IBM, Microsoft, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson Reuters, etc.

Romania is proudly part of this worldwide 1st edition!

The first annual Global Legal Hackathon will bring together stakeholders in the legal technology industry in an intense 51-hour sprint of legal tech education, creativity, and invention.

The legal industry is at the cusp of complete transformation, and the Global Legal Hackathon will present an opportunity for everybody in the IT and legal industries, no matter how seasoned or junior, tech-savvy or not, to roll up their sleeves and join with friends, co-workers, colleagues, (and even clients), to fully immerse themselves in the cutting edge of legal technology for a weekend.

It is expected that teams will build working solutions, proofs of concept, or prototypes, as well as presentation materials to explain, pitch, and present the solutions.

Final phase and global awards ceremony will take place in New York, at the international gala organized on April 21st, 2018.

We hope that it will be the single largest legal tech education event in history. And who knows, maybe some of the teams and the projects will end up changing the world!

What would you learn? What problem would you solve? What would you build? What do you need to know?

Global Legal Hackathon is an opportunity for teams to work on ideas and present it to a panel of local judges. Throughout the event, there will be mentors to assist with creation of a minimum viable product, including people from the fields of both law and technology.

Ideas can be for-profit, for the public good:

  • Solutions for progressing the business of law
  • Solutions for increasing access to justice or public good

Participants are encouraged to form cross-functional teams prior to the event, ideally composed of legal professionals, technology professionals, design professionals and business professionals/entrepreneurs. This aids the creative process by contributing broader experience and perspective to the team.

It is not necessary for all participants to be part of a team, as one rule of the hackathon is that teams, even if formed in advance, must be willing to accept additional team members on the first evening of the hackathon.

Friday 23, at kick-off of the hackathon, participants, mentors, members of the jury are invited to participate in the local networking session to mingle with others and form, or join teams.

Immediately after the hackathon, winning teams will be selected through a series of presentation rounds, first with the local panel of judges and then with the global panel. The winning teams will be invited to attend the reception in New York, where they will present a polished version of their solution to the global panel, with the final winners to be selected and announced that evening.

Stay Globally and Locally tuned!